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Are you a gluten-free foodie eager to savor the vibrant culinary scene of New York City without worrying about gluten? Look no further than our exclusive Gluten-Free Walking Tour, available on Viator!

As you sample each delectable dish, you’ll also uncover the rich history and culture behind these culinary treasures. From the origins of iconic NYC foods to the stories of the passionate chefs who create them, our tour offers a delightful blend of education and indulgence.

Our walking tour isn’t just about food; it’s about the experience. You’ll stroll through charming neighborhoods, immerse yourself in the local ambiance, and connect with fellow food enthusiasts who share your passion for gluten-free cuisine.

Join our Gluten-Free Walking Tour on Viator and treat your taste buds to an unforgettable journey through the city’s diverse, gluten-free cuisine. Your gluten-free adventure awaits!

Go for a leisurely stroll through Central Park

and stop to enjoy delectable, 100% gluten-free bites and dishes—on this two-in-one tour. Meet your guide in the morning at a bakery, where you can nibble gluten-free pastries before setting off through Central Park. See the Bethesda Fountain, Strawberry Fields, and other highlights, and learn about New York history as you go.

Finally, finish with a generous gluten-free meal. This tour offers a gourmet way to discover New York’s gluten-free dishes Explore the highlights and hidden corners of Central Park A small-group tour promises a personal and hands-on experience Patisserie with a beverage are included in the tour

What To Expect:


Light Breakfast: We start the tour with a gluten free patisserie and beverage from the Noglu menu. Food options may subject to change due to availability. We end our tour on the west side of Manhattan where you will have a choice to dine on your own time choosing from two gluten free restaurants. This lunch cost is not included in the tour. We make our way to

Conservatory Water

or better know as Central Park Model Boat Pond. We will pass

Hans Christian Anderson

bronze portrayal, reading from The Ugly Duckling with its main character at its feet. As we known it was in fact a swan and we will also pass by the famous

Alice In Wonderland Tea Party

held by the Mad Hatter sculpture. Donated in 1959 by George Delacorte in memory of his wife who often read Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to their children. This sculpture has many little visitors daily; it is a must see. Delacorte also donated the musical clock in the Central Park Zoo.

Loeb Boathouse

As we make our way to Bethesda Terrace we pass by the historic Loeb Boathouse. This is the lake’s launch point for rowboats. Calvert Vaux, Central Park’s designer incorporated Victorian touches.

Bethesda Fountain 

Bethesda Terrace, the most recognized area of Central Park. We can take in the Minton tile ceiling which opens up to the Bethesda Fountain.

The Angel of Waters

sculpture stands 26 feet high, created by Emma Stebbins, one of the first public art commissioned from a woman. It marks the 1842 Croton Aqueduct that brought fresh water from Westchester County into NYC. This was very important in ending the Cholera Epidemic. The Lily in her hand represents purity and the four figures at the base signify peace, health, purity and temperance. The Angel is modeled after stage actress Charlotte Cushman.

We also stop by the Central Park lake and admire the turtles who have made this lake their home.

Strawberry Fields

John Lennon Memorial; Strawberry Fields was created to memorialize the Beatles songwriter and legend John Lennon whose life was sadly taken on the 8th of December 1980 from gunshot wounds from Mark David Chapman as he walked through the archway of his building. He was only 40 years old and had become a notable Peace Activist. His ashes are scattered here in Central Park so for many Beatles fans this is sacred ground. The “Image” mosaic feature was gifted by the city of Naples, Italy. Take a moment to enjoy this peaceful memorial amongst the American Elm trees. Central Park.

As we make our way out of Strawberry Fields we will pass the Cherry Hill Fountain. This fountain was originally created as a drinking fountain for horses. Today many birds take advantage of the flowing water and use it as their own bird bath, they also drink from one of the six cups on the fountain’s main stem. Also a popular photo destination.

Bow Bridge 

We will navigate our way over The Bow Bridge; this iconic bridge in Central Park has been the location of many marriage proposals and you may be already be familiar with its fame as it is also one of the most photographed bridges in Central Park. Also appearing in many movies.

Belvedere Castle (Pass By) Belvedere Castle built on Vista Rock sitting 130 feet high, it is the second highest point in Central Park. In present day the main tower is our source of wind speed for weather reporting and just south of the castle the current weather station, an automated surface observing system (ASOS) is located. This is where New York collects meteorological data from this beautiful point so make sure to check the weather report on your visit. At the base of Belvedere Castle lies Turtle Pond, named for its inhabitants. 474 Columbus Ave (Pass By)

Modern Bread and Bagel and Thyme and Tonic

We end our tour outside Modern Bread and Bagel and Thyme and Tonic. Cost of food for these locations is not included in the tour. Both options are 100% gluten free. Shakespeare Garden (Pass By) Shakespeare Garden is a beautiful four-acre space, planted with trees and flowers that were mentioned in William Shakespeares plays and poems. We make our way out of Central Park admiring the Swedish cottage, now home to Marionette Theatre, sadly still closed due to covid but it has delighted children since 1947. New York (Pass By) At the end of our tour I will show you two 100% gluten free restaurants where you can choose to dine on your own time for lunch. The cost of this food is not included in the tour. Here is where your guide will say goodbye.

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